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Honeywell S7800A1001 Keyboard Display Module


Honeywell S7800A1001 Keyboard Display Module, 13Vdc, -40F to 140F

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The Honeywell S7800A1001 Keyboard Display Module operates at a peak fullwave rectified voltage of 13Vdc, designed for English Language use, with an ambient temperature range of -40 to 140 degrees. It provides real-time status updates on burner sequence, timing, hold, and lockout information, including selectable messages.

This module features application flexibility, first-out annunciation, and system diagnostics through a 2-row by 20-column Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD). The S7800A1001 introduces a “Call Service” programmable message during system lockouts. Series 5 and higher offer a selectable ModBus Feature for local or remote annunciation. Experience expanded first-out annunciation with 24 limit and interlock LEDs, enhancing the keyboard display module information. Enjoy the convenience of remote reset functionality.


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