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Fireye 95DSS2-1 InSight 1 Flame Scanner, Dual detector (IR and UV)


Fireye 95DSS2-1 InSight 1 Flame Scanner, Dual detector (IR and UV) with quick disconnect

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Fireye 95DSS2-1 InSight I Flame Scanner – Dual detector (IR and UV) with quick disconnect. FM, UL/c Approved.

The FIREYE InSight Type 95DS flame scanners  is a micro-processor based flame scanners utilizing dual (IR and UV) sensors. The S2 model offers an automatic programming (AutoTune) with manual override capability, 21 choices of flame flicker frequency, a total of four selectable programmable files to store setpoints, plus adds remote communication capability via Fireye Windows software.

The FIREYE InSight Type 95 flame scanners incorporate an internal flame relay with adjustable ON/OFF thresholds, thereby eliminating the need for a remote flame amplifier. The InSight scanners are now a replacement to the FIREYE Type 45FS1 and 45UVFS1 Signature Scanners™ as well as the Type 45RM4 to detect the presence or absence of a target flame in single or multi-burner applications.

The InSight scanners measure the amplitude of the modulations (the flame “flicker”) that occur within the targeted flame. During the scanner set-up procedure, the modulation frequency that yields the best flame ON/OFF discrimination is selected. The appropriate modulation frequency and sensor gain is either manually selected (S1 models), or automatically selected with manual override capability (S2 models).

Fireye InSight scanner is powered by 24 Vdc and contain electronic self-checking (no mechanical shutter required). The scanner contains an eight character alpha-numeric LED display and a four (4) push-button keypad to enable the user to view operating parameters and select setpoints.



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