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Fireye E110 Flame-Monitor Control Chassis

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Fireye E110 Flame-Monitor Control, burner management system, Flame safeguard, 110 VAC, 25VA, NEMA 1.

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Fireye E110 Flame-Monitor Control is a microprocessor-based burner management control system designed to provide the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring protection on automatically ignited oil, gas, and combination fuel burners. In conjunction with limit and operating controls, the E110 programs the burner/blower motor, ignition and fuel valves to provide for proper and safe burner operation. The control also provides current operating status and lockout information in the event of a safety shutdown.

The Fireye E110 Flame-Monitor Control consists of the EB700 chassis, dust cover, and shortened mounting screw (P/N 48-1836). An optional display module (ED510) is available. Interchangeable programmer and flame amplifier modules allow for complete versatility in the selection of control function, timing, and flame scanning means. It supports functions such as pre-purge, recycling interlocks, high fire proving interlock, and trial for ignition timing of the pilot and main flame. The E110 Flame-Monitor can be used with UV, IR, flame rod, or self-check ultraviolet flame scanners by choosing the proper amplifier module. The eighteen (18) terminal wiring base allows for many functional circuits including motors, valves, and ignition transformers as well as multiple interlocks such as high purge, low purge, fuel valve and running interlock circuits.



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1 review for Fireye E110 Flame-Monitor Control Chassis

  1. David Marks

    The E110 Flame Monitor is arguably the best burner control ever made! Robust, reliable, high performance, long life, etc. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

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Burner Management Control System, Microprocessor based, Burner Sequencing, Ignition, Flame Monitoring, Operating Control

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