Siemens 536-784A Room Temperature Sensor, Flush Mount, 100K Ohm, Beige


Siemens 536-784A, Flush Mount Room Temp Sensor, -40 to 257 degF, 100K Ohm (NTC), Desert Beige Plastic Cover.

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Flush mount room temperature sensor with a 100k Ohm (NTC) sensing element. This room sensor has a temperature range of -40 to 257 deg F (-40 to 125 deg C) and is designed for those applications where a covered room temperature sensor is not acceptable. It fits over a 2 x 4 electrical conduit box and uses a pigtail connection.

Measuring range: -40 to 257 °F (-40…125 °C)
Measurement accuracy: +/-0.36°F @ 77 °F
Sensing element: 100K ohm NTC Thermistor
Analog outputs: 100k Ohm Thermistor
Color: Beige


Product Datasheet / Manual / Installation Instruction documents are provided below:


Installation Instructions



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